Saturday, January 19, 2013

Foul Fascists who Control Coalition give Peek at their POWER

Yesterday afternoon at 4:45 pm in the afternoon, tea-time for many across Britain, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, Nigel Farage MEP, fresh from his previous evening's television triumph on BBC Question Time, was about to receive a shock.  

For years the audiences carefully selected by the state-controlled BBC for their Question Time, woeful flagship programme, have given the impression that any glib half-truth  or cleverly spun inanity would be swallowed whole by the British public. Not so this Thursday where in Lincolnshire a woman from Boston in the audience, herself half-Polish as she informed we viewers, finally gave notice that the public had reached its limit. 

Grant Shapps, Tory Party Chairman and Roland Rudd, epitomising the standards of the Blair/Mandelson faction, could merely look agitated and listen as the woman described the drunkeness of the East European immigrants who had taken over her town and swamped its public services. Nigel Farage captured the mood of the country in nearly all his replies. See for yourself on the video clip of the broadcast at the foot of this posting, or on Sunday afternoon on the BBC Parliament Channel when the programme will be repeated.

But, I digress, for it is in Leicester Square, where the true extent of the corrupt forces that control us, were yesterday fleetingly revealed, that is the main point to this posting. Strangely Leicester Square has some pretty personal memories for me. My Grandfather worked for years in the Headquarters of the AA that traversed the Square on the opposite side from the Empire Cinema, the Hand & Racket pub was behind those offices, where my Father met my Grandfather for an after work pint or two and I in turn met him, when on leave from the sea. The Garrick Restaurant with its silver trolleys with sides of beef and saddles of lamb  and huge desserts I recall from boyhood was nearby when exiting the south side of the square, so when the LBC presenter, before introducing Nigel Farage to his listeners, talked of the snow covered trees in the square being picturesque, I could see it all clearly though listening from France and imagine the entire scene vividly: Then came the bombshell!

Deputy Prime Minister and bought slave of the EU Nick Clegg, has recently been making phone-in broadcasts where the public could put their questions on governance directly to him. Nigel Farage had been promised the same in order to respond to Cameron's EU speech, originally scheduled for yesterday morning in Amsterdam. Farage was informed that calls from the public were not to be allowed! A bland one to one interview, including discussion on the entirely irrelevant Algerian crisis, then took place. Mr Farage was then packed off with the vague promise that perhaps he would be allowed to interact directly with the public should Cameron's EU speech ever be delivered, clearly hinting that some dirty dealings had been in hand, totally restricting any concept of our treasured freedom of speech and expression in so far as the nation's airwaves are concerned!

Who in our democracy has the power to so restrict freedom of speech?  Was it the LBC station senior management? The broadcasting station's owners. A Government Official of some kind or another. One thing is clear it was a blatant political act; therefore whoever issued the instruction, it was in the interests of the Tri-Party Fascists who now clearly are in control of our ex-Nation.


Blogger Robert said...

Farage was ok on Question Time until they came to the question about Norway, Switzerland and the government by fax. Speaking last on the question he missed an open goal by talking about wanting 'our country' back. The audience were turned off and the lies were left unchallenged. Does Farage know nothing about how the EU operates and how advanatageous it is to be a member of the EEA?

UKIP is growing in influence despite Farage, not because of him. I am afraid he will prove to be a liability in the long run.

7:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I won't be too hard on Farage - it sometimes seems to have been just him who has exposed the emperor as having no clothes.

However, with the information being dug up by other bloggers on the Norway situation, I agree that Farage is missing a trick here.

BTW Martin, a great spot on the LBC thing - I have Tweeted and will Tweet again.


8:23 AM  

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