Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Manic EU Rail Building proves Centralised Control & Democracies Destruction

The Spanish language newspaper El Pais yesterday published a brilliant analysis in its English edition of the EU's disastrous and obsessional, money wasting, high-speed rail madness in Spain. Similar projects are planned throughout the former sovereign states now under the jackboot of the despotic, supposed "trading institution" -  the EU. The article may be read from here.

Any about to be affected by the dreadful and equally useless HS2 project in the UK should give it as wide a circulation as possible.

I have blogged a lot in the past about these crazed, environment destroying and completely uneconomic schemes, even resorting to a YouTube video to plead for investing the money instead in 4G mobile communications which would allow under-used rural housing in France to be both occupied and put to profitable use. 

Today, however, I would like to point out how the article illustrates the extent that National Politicians are now controlled completely by the EU machine! The article  provides a snapshot as to the level of control the EU enjoys and exerts. Take this passage from the El Pais article on the AVE, the initials used in Spain to describe this insanity:

 Twenty years after the first high-speed train cut a swath through the Castilian uplands, the evidence suggests that they are simply not viable economically, or even necessary to provide rapid links between the country's cities. But no politician seems able, or willing, to put a stop to the spread of the AVE. 

No Politician, has been able to halt it! As the aricle makes clear, that includes all Spanish politicians of most parties starting with the Socialist Party leader Felipe González, through  Aznar and Zapatero to Rajoy today. So has it been across the EU, in the UK - Major, through Blair and Brown to Cameron/Clegg. In France it is somewhat different, the country already having been  politically wedded to their TGV, and gaining extra benefit in so far as they have also (so far and probably only through the conspiracy of the secret meetings under the Elysée Treaty, 50th birthday next Tuesday) been allowed to supply some of the trains. (We must wonder how much longer Alstom will be allowed to survive the competition in that area?) Nevertheless it is mind-boggling that as both Sarkozy and Hollande, sought means to cut spending to inflict the centrally ordained EU austerity, neither President, saw the obvious uselessness of the billions going to waste on the LGV Tours/Bordeaux farce.

Perhaps here is an example of the sheer ugliness of the EU, becoming so evident across almost the entire area now under its control,  that people will finally wake up to the sheer ridiculousness of the damage and cost of the sheer waste and be motivated to bring this "EU project", of absolute citizen control and subjugation, to an early and abrupt end!

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