Friday, January 11, 2013

EU Rail Waste - LGV, HS2

The sun shone today so I was able to get out and take some snaps of the latest devastation being caused in the expenditure of billions of Euros to shave a few minutes journey time on a rail trip between Tours and Bordeaux, all at the behest of the EU! 

First off is a snap of a present-day High Speed TGV train on the existing perfectly good track, making its way through the beautiful Boƫme river valley. Trains have to slow down across this viaduct, something the EU controlled robots cannot afford (in spite of the already high fares,) as they need every minute they can get back at their desks to to squeeze in even longer lunches!

The ugly pictures of the needless destruction of the beautiful Charente countryside I have pasted in small versions on the A4 document below. If any Anti-HS2 protester would like a bigger version of a particular shot, please email me and I will send it back as an attachment. I also have others or can take particular shots if requested, this will be ongoing for years!

Earlier posts have pictures and links to the official bumph, most recently tagged LGV Tours-Bordeaux

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