Saturday, January 05, 2013

Caught Between Regulations - Hastings Fishing

The fishermen of Hastings, in England's "Sussex by the sea" have launched their boats from the shingle of the beach just off the town's centre since the eleventh century.

Not for much longer however, as one such explained to a BBC reporter on an early morning Radio 4 programme this Saturday. The sea here is ideal for cod but the netting of such fish, under one EU regulation forbids it to be landed, whilst another now forbids it to be thrown back.

Whatever way he decides to act, to keep it or throw it back, to eat the fish himself or offer it for sale to be eaten by others will open him to charges. Thus the EU wins in every way, it obtains its prime objective - control of the still quasi-independent individual, and secondly state employment for "completely controlled" and thus mindless bureaucrats,  these being the "sole" aims of the monstrous EU organisation.

Who might be ultimately behind such insanity is clear, as revealed in this (supposed tongue in the cheek) article on doing business with Germany, linked here, which I tweeted yesterday and contains this presumably satirical but to me accurate insight:

Germans are known for valuing diligence, thoroughness, education, manners, and structure. An old German idiom says “Ordnung muss sein!”, loosely translated into “there has to be order!” This almost proverbial desire for a sense of order goes hand in hand with a willingness to be regulated. Overall, Germans also tend to be very risk-averse which is owed to their history.

Thus regulation becomes the objective with the results now seen in Hastings, where the fisherman had delivered his complaints to the British Fisheries Minister, adding that on the present basis he would be unable to retire until he reached ninety-six.

The British Fisheries Minister, Richard Benyon, is of course completely and absolutely powerless. After all the two traitors Edward Heath and Geoffrey Ripon gave all our fish and rights over our seas away decades ago, while barefacedly lying to our Parliament at the moment that they were so conspiring! 

Why do taxpayers, by their votes, continue to give their hard earned cash to the Conservative Party heirs and ongoing beneficiaries of this treachery, whom as in this case and as can be seen, have no useful functions to perform whatsoever? 

I feel sure that publicly funded members of the Conservative Party consider that taxpayers owe it to the great, great grandson of a former Tory Prime Minister to endlessly provide income to such heirs for zero duties performed nor responsibility shouldered. Is it therefore any wonder that David Cameron, another typical product of Conservative nepotism, is so determined to keep Britain locked within the elitist, tyrannical and totally over-regulated EU? (Read of that continuing "tease" yet again from the Express this morning, linked here, is Cameron merely game playing with such a crucial issue at a time of grave economic peril, as a cat with a mouse?).

Notwithstanding all that, why on earth did the Fisheries Minister Benyon even travel to Hastings at taxpayers cost? Presumably to gain some sea-air, far from his Newbury constituency, and so fill some otherwise empty hours, which must hang heavy round his neck, with such a pointless post to fill.

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