Wednesday, January 02, 2013

US takes two months, France six or so

There will be no New Start this New Year for the self-oppressed democracies of the West. Everywhere the utter filth the electorates have self-centredly opted to retain in power will spend more billions or trillions, mostly to retain themselves in office for a few more months, while daily lying to preserve the pretence that their policies can eventually achieve a return to sanity.

The reductions in Government spending cuts in the US will become a problem again in just two months, while in France the complete charade that the higher percentage marginal tax rate will deliver the same percentage revenues increase to achieve a 2013 deficit target of 3% will be run through the National Assembly for a second time.

Hopefully a few more John Galts will walk off and out of our sight, to somehow keep alive the prospect that eventually humanity will return to reality and opt for the individuality, creativity and hope that lies within us all. Even in the abomination of what, to Britain's forty year shame, has become the present European Union.

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