Saturday, December 29, 2012

EU Elite Face Exposure over Swiss Accounts

Bernard Connolly wrote in his 1995 book titled "The Rotten Heart of Europe" regarding monetary union of " ...duplicity, skulduggery, conflict; of economic harm done to every country in the caste interests of the elite; of the distortion of economic logic and the dilution of political accountability."

In France there is an ongoing scandal where the Minister in the Socialist Government, charged with cracking down on tax evasion, has been publicly challenged regarding his own past, yet backed by the Government itself busily hounding producers, such as Gerard Depardieu, who have so far remained within the country while paying tax at a level of 85%, read background on Minister Cahuzac here and here.

In Greece last evening problems surrounding the Lagarde list of Greeks with Swiss accounts reached new levels, read here.

Connolly ended the brief passage quoted above at the opening of Chapter 14 of his book ".. The contrast between ERM reality and ERM myth should of itself be warning enough against accepting the even more dangerous myths of EMU and 'European union'." Yet for forty years Britain's leaders have accepted the stink of corruption from what is now the EU, presumably for the same reasons as have left the French Government retaining Monsieur Jerome Cahuzac in his post as the scandal grows?

It is unconscionable that Members of Parliament allow this situation to continue as it clearly daily worsens while the financial burdens on the country grow and already exceed an amount its citizens can afford to pay - all "in the caste interests of the elite".


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