Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bored on Boxing Day? Plebgate provides a perfect remedy!

Who is fooling whom over plebgate! Which institutions in charge or influence over most aspects of our daily lives are trying to persuade us one way or another over the Mitchell affair, the Cabinet Office and its officials, the Prime Minister, the whips office of the main party of our Government in Parliament, the police on the gates or the Met itself or Channel 4 News (a state funded broadcaster it must be remembered!)?

Fascinating questions for a December Bank Holiday, when the shops and streets should be avoided like the plague and the weather in parts seems set far from fair. Here is a chance to get closer to the truth for yourself, with video and detailed instructions all set out on this linked blog, SKWALKER 1964: "HOW THE PLEBGATE FOOTAGE DOESN’T SHOW WHAT MITCHELL & C4 CLAIM"

Of course, if your lucky enough to be out hunting today, well enjoy the fresh air and exercise and have tremendous fun! Plebgate and other such sordid matters of daily life, then well deserve to be put to one side!

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