Sunday, December 23, 2012

Plebgate - Let's confront the true treachery

In the broad sweep of political conspiracies and historical power changing plots and intrigue, "plebgate" (as the swearing at the gates of Downing Street by the former Tory Chief Whip has come to be called), is but a minor ripple in a very small teacup. Consequently, one presumes as a distraction from the real EU crisis, it has grabbed the attention of Britain's lightweight mainstream media this morning read here and here.

The main concern is the imminent collapse or fragmentation of the EU. The removal of Margaret Thatcher by the scheming of Michael Heseltine and Kenneth Clarke, which allowed the treachery of fellow Conservative, PM Edward Heath, to continue to reach its now approaching climax. This is pushed to the forefront of my mind by Maggie Thatcher's welcome recovery from surgery, read here.

Earlier this week on UKIP Uncovered, I posted an extract of a posting on this blog's forerunner, Ironies, from August 2003, which called for a then ill and failing Edward Heath to be offered a pardon in exchange for the names of his co-conspirators in delivering our nation into the hands of its historical continental enemies for its certain economic destruction and subsequent political domination. This is more briefly again quoted here:

With Heath having recently been flown back from Australia due to ill health, would it not be timely, sensible and a matter of the utmost urgency to now grant him immunity from the possibility of prosecution for his known treasonable actions. In exchange we should demand a detailed explanation of his motives and full details regarding his Continental co-conspirators and their possible next targets in the attempted destruction of our economy, so that we are able, while still just barely surviving as a nation state, to belatedly take some preventative measures to ensure that their schemes, rapidly reaching fruition with the pending Constitution, can at last be thwarted.
posted by Martin at 8/28/2003 06:49:00 AM

That chance to get closer to the truth was then apparently ignored. This week a similar opportunity arises with the news of ex-PM Margaret Thatcher's welcome recovery from her operation. In the archives of her Foundation, given the tremendous foresight we know this formidable lady possesses, there may already be set out full details, as she knew them, of the part played in her downfall by  Heseltine, (in Germany on the evening of the eve of her ousting) Clarke and others.

What may not be known is how Margaret Thatcher, herself, feels as to how those complicit in this probable treason should be dealt with by the nation once EU exit is achieved. Her views on how John Major, whose treachery at Maastricht and benefit from the Heseltine putsch, also makes her opinion on his proper eventual fate of more than a little interest to her countrymen and women!

Those presently in control of the once honourable Conservative Party are the heirs to these dubious dealings. Whether Cameron, Osborne or Mitchell, they are thus beneath our contempt; not least for their own inaction once becoming beneficiaries of the power (for which they plotted, salivated and lusted) was attained. 

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Major will be vilified by history.

Merry Christmas by the way.

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