Friday, December 14, 2012

Sacrificing Israel will not Satisfy Militant Islam

Over many years there has been an obvious anti-Israel bias embedded in the essence of what has become the European Union. This was particularly evident during the period of Commissioner Patten's term of office, during which he otherwise seemed to dissipate his way through the lifestyle rewards of his treachery to the former police force and protestants of Northern Ireland.

I have recently been aware that this anti-Israel tendency has been increasing within the structures of "Europe"; perhaps extending to the specific policy of the EEAS, itself under Baroness Ashton's wasteful rule. It is apparently not unusual to actually consider a policy involving the movement of the Jewish people who are settled within Israel itself, which influences seems to be the aim of Peter Oborne's article that appeared in The Daily Telegraph yesterday, which may be read from here.

Wishing a problem away is ever the chosen way ahead for men of little or no principle. In every area of policy Britain has been weakened by close association with the present day Europe, first through the Common Market, now the EU. Our democracy is destroyed, honest public service is a thing of the past, politics as a tool for self-enrichment and little else has become the norm. Now it appears, if Oborne's article is to be taken to its obvious end conclusion; we are to forget the horrors inflicted upon the Jewish People and consider them as oppressors.

No energy independence or oil supply security gains will come from such ploys. 
The two state solution for the Middle-East seems to me as sane as ever; just because it has throughout almost my entire lifetime proven so difficult to achieve, does not justify any wavering from its principle.

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Blogger Robert said...

The Arabs have never accepted a two state settlement since Allenby took Jerusalem. They have never accepted that Israel has any right to exist. With militant Islam things have only got worse.

10:36 PM  

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