Friday, December 07, 2012

England should demand EU membership "cease to apply" on Scots' independence

The debate upon which I blogged this time yesterday on Scotland's EU status following a "Yes" to independence in a referendum, continues to grab headlines this morning, see this from the Irish Times linked here.

There was a huge question mark hanging over the legitimacy of a Scottish only vote on this question long before the EU question arose. The situation has become ever more complex following the involvement of EU legal experts, the House of Lords and Commission President Barosso's letter, see here.

As my first posting to IBTimes, linked here, which will be repeated on this blog over the coming weekend makes clear, the financial disputes between Member States of the Eratz Union are worsening. That post mentions French allegations regarding "scandalous" fund transfers across their border with Luxembourg, such disputes, as austerity worsens, are alone likely to bring matters to a head.

Fake goodwill among the players is now clearly fraying at the edges, the mockery of "family" fostered by the EU is fading fast. If Scotland is given a "Get out of the Eratz Union for free card" then England should have one too!

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