Friday, November 30, 2012

The deliberate destruction of Britons' reasoning

Shirley Williams, or Baroness Shirley Williams, as the influential senior member of  the Liberal Democrat Party appears to like to be introduced on one of her frequent appearances on the BBC Question Time programme, when she bores the audience and the viewing public with her bizarre and now largely discredited ideas, was intimately involved while in the Labour Party during the deliberate destruction of Britain's state education system. 

The takeover of Britain's media by the self-styled journalistic low lives paraded before the Leveson inquiry, upon which the UK paparazzi & broadcasters are typically and pointlessly abuzz this morning, was another direct consequence and contributory factor in the accomplishment of the country's now almost complete dumbing down.

The Guardian has an early report of the voting in three by-elections held yesterday. Incredibly this same Labour Party, that first attempted to destroy the economy of the nation under Wilson and Callaghan, to be thereafter temporarily reprieved by Thatcher, then entirely seen off by Blair and Brown, gained the following votes:



Croydon North..........15,898

Happily the Liberal Democrat party to which the former assistant to Anthony Crosland Shirley Williams now belongs was comprehensively smashed.

But what future can there be for Britain as an independent and prosperous nation, where there is such widespread ignorance on the causes of the people's present distress. Happily the reality of the awfulness of Cameron's Conservative Party MAY be sinking in, but we must await later tests in their own ignorant heartlands.

The Sullied march on!



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