Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cameron smears UKIP, retracts - then withdraws retraction

For the record : 16.45 Downing St said Cameron no longer believes UKIP mostly closet racists. 18.40 said no retraction of it after all 

The above tweet from the presenter of Channel Four News says it all about the workings of the brain of our Prime Minister, who is supposed to be on top of and in charge of the complex negotiations regarding the payment of billions of taxpayers funds to the EU during the seven years from 2014, plus many other complex matters affecting our national life!

Yet he cannot even make his mind up on a perfectly straightforward matter such as the disgrace  that would shame a totalitarian one party state that took place in Rotherham upon which I blogged and linked this time yesterday.

Cameron, for straightforward party political gain, some time ago asserted that the United Kingdom Independence Party was racist, because of their fight to retain parliamentary democracy and the sovereignty of the people of this country against the money grubbing and power seeking ambitions of the other three main poltical parties locked into the EU.

The outcry of the removal of three children by the Common Purpose Joyce Thacker, had reached such a level by yesterday afternoon (#UKIP was trending at second worldwide at one point yesterday) Cameron retracted his original racist slur against the political party of UKIP which is now clearly the greatest threat to his storm tossed coalition government of almost totally complete incompetents.

The media have not yet had time to investigate the sudden retraction of that first retraction, reported in the tweet above, which occurred just before the news broadcast was to go on air.

This blog has recently made several suggestions regarding the damaged reasoning capabilities of our PM, this appears the latest and a particularly extreme example! I will follow events during the day on Twitter, and also if warranted on this blog.

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