Monday, November 19, 2012

Europe prepares to enter a new post-Dunkirk era

The EU will meet this week to try to extract funding promises from its member states for the years 2014 to 2020. Opinion was unanimous on yesterday's Sunday Politics programme that they would be unsuccessful. Opinion was that the negototiations would drag into next year.

Eventually however the promises will be forthcoming, the money however can never be paid, for the national wealth, in general, no longer exists to make such wasteful and usually frivolous expenditures.

The deep corruption now evident in Britian's driving pro-EU party, the Conservatives, presently the senior governing coaltion party, could at long last drive the doubters of the EU in that party to pull the plug on the miserable, bankrupting and corrupting experiment the EU has become for Britain's institutions and democracy.

Our withdrawal process will no doubt be as harrowing as was the original Dunkirk retreat, inevitably causing similar resentment on the Continent. Unhappily Britain is presently stuck with a leader who makes Chamberlain appear competent, and no Churchill can yet be discerned on the horizon.

After the debacle of 1940 the occupied countries accepted the facts imposed by force and attempted to live with the consequences. No doubt similar attempts will be seen in the immediate future as brave faces are put on to suggest a new German hegemony was always the intention of the Common Market. Eventually Europeans will demand a return to national democracy, albeit not necessarily within the borders pre-existing the EEC. That is the main worry!


Blogger James Higham said...

Watching it closely and it's wonderful to see the EU squirming now, desperately trying to force members to pay, pay, pay. And what of the two version budget?

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