Sunday, November 18, 2012

How deep is the rot in the Tory Party?

Last evening I tweeted the following:

Were there any smart and savvy Tory MPs with South or SW English Constituencies they would this weekend be considering a switch to UKIP or ?

The final question mark left hanging in the air probably requires further explanation, other than the fact that I clearly ran short of the allowed number of characters.

Why particularly did I reference the South and South West constituencies? The answer is twofold, firstly in the PCC elections independents made their most striking gains, particularly the result in Kent and Surrey and secondly in these parts of England lie the largest number of "safe" Tory Seats where typically the complacency of the Conservatives will have been at its peak, and the approaching backlash will thus be proportionally severe.

To grasp the likely extent of the horrors regarding the Conservatives which appear likely to be revealed over the coming years may I suggest a reading of the posts on the McAlpine family on The Slog of the past few days, linked here and a thoughtful consideration of the likely results of the Royal Commission inquiry into Australian child abuse, also heartily welcomed in New Zealand, announced by PM Gillard last week, upon which I blogged here.

Whether blackmail of former Tory PM Edward Heath was indeed a factor in taking Britain into the democracy destroying EU, may seem a detail at present, as is the thoroughly suspect mechanism by which the totally inept Cameron appeared to obtain the party leadership thus ennabling the continuation of this same EU treachery even until today, in spite of its clear imminent collapse.

The Liberal Party began to restore their previous powers by early advances in the South West of England (remember John Pardoe), and the reaction against the EU treachery of Clegg combined with a general shaming of the Conservatives will leave the ever-rebellious SW England a tempting prospect for any new and decent political party to gain a foothold for the restoration of democracy, once again, it is to be hoped,  based upon decency within English public life.


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