Saturday, November 10, 2012

Just as the BBC is unfit to broadcast so the real truth becomes more urgent

Labour MP Ann Clwyd told Channel 4 News last evening that, despite the retraction of one allegation by a victim of the north Wales care home abuse scandal, the new police investigations are appropriate.

I have tried to tweet the video and  review it this morning but have been unable so to do. Perhaps that is still possible from within the UK. I suspect attempts are underway to silence her. The following is quoted from a BBC report linked here:

Ms Clwyd told the Commons she was "heavily involved" with the inquiry when assisting constituents who had been former home residents. "I took witness statements from four of them and I can't describe the horror of what they described to me," she said "I felt very emotionally upset about what they had to say. "I would ask that the Jillings report be published. I saw it, I wasn't supposed to see it - it was shown to me, I saw it at the time. "It was subsequently pulped by the then Clwyd County Council because they were afraid of the attitude of the insurers. "I would say please get the Jillings report published because it shows... rape, bestiality, violent assaults and torture, and the effects on those young boys at that time cannot be under-estimated."

I believe there are published records in Hansard to which she tried to refer over the interruptions of the Channel 4 news interviewer; I will try to track them and post them on this blog when I can.


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