Thursday, November 08, 2012

A Europe where only Germany may issue ultimatums

The mind set of Prussia was clearly in view as Merkel stomped around Europe yesterday afternoon and on to London in the early evening.

A speech to a packed European Parliament was peppered with 'musts', 'wills' and warnings of the dire consequences of what would be the consequences if the German way of seeing things and ensuring they were then thus done did not prevail, see one report here.

Thereafter in London, following some time with the reasoning challenged British Prime Minister, Merkel then rather let her triumphalism run away with her as she issued a dire warning to the people of our country that no "ultimatums" would be acceptable from Britain, adding they would not be happy alone in the world. Read a brief BBC report on that statement from here.

This blog will resist the temptation to add any further immediate remarks!

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Anonymous Akabilk said...

Recent comments about fixing the 'birth defect' of the euro notwithstanding. You would think leadership of Europe (not referring specifically to Merkel), would have a little more humility and be more inclined to listen to those from 'the island' who urged caution on the ill advised element of 'the project' all those years ago.

9:34 PM  

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