Thursday, November 01, 2012

Coalition seem unaware of Tsunami heading towards them

The Guardian, in its report of the defeat of the Government over the seven year EU budget up to the year 2020 last evening, makes this statement:

Downing Street moved to reach out to the rebels by dispatching William Hague to declare that the government would "take note" after 51 rebel Tories – plus two tellers – joined forces with Labour to defeat the government by 307 votes to 294, a majority of 13.

The topic on which the Coalition Government was defeated was the main plank of successive governments' foreign and economic policies for over forty years. Those policies have led the nation to bankruptcy, social collapse and mass pillaging of the country's main assets, the proceeds of which have been delivered overseas.

The intention of the Government had it won last evening's vote was for the taxpayers of this nation to continue to pay increasing danegeld to the EU up to and including the year 2020.

A truth and reconciliation process always looked necessary for the country once it had extricated itself from the nightmare in which it is now entwined in the EU.

Coalition Cabinet Ministers should heed the voices of the elected representatives of the people of Britain, who after years of submission have finally broken the shackles of whipped fear and favour and spoken loudly for the oppressed.

Procedures for High Treason, on which I posted yesterday, would make a "truth and reconciliation procedure" seem very moderate in light of all that appears to remain uncovered in so far as the EU and its imposition upon this country is concerned!


Blogger Robert said...

Bernard Jenkin representing the 'rebels' last night on the News Night programme said he wanted a new 'relationship' with the EU. Not once did he mention leaving. There is a long way to go before the 'elite' accept that we have to leave. They have invested too much prestige in the project for them to accept it has all been wasted.

Last night was just bread and circuses.

8:24 AM  

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