Saturday, October 27, 2012

Can German and French Greed deliver us from evil?

EDF did much around the Olympics to con the British public they were somehow British with a particularly gratuitous commercial campaign.

Electricité de France, for which the letters EDF of course stands is very much a creature of the French State while E.ON another Continental Energy company that has Britain by the gonads comes from Germany.

Hopefully the 10;8% energy price rises imposed by EDF yesterday will begin to make these realities clearer to the broader public and hopefully bring a change in their ill-informed attitude of nonchalence and/or indifference to the EU.

Such a "sea change" or even "turning of the worm" is badly needed to render no longer acceptable the sort of political games, whereby the leading figures of our establishment have sold out our democracy and independence, for either material gain, position and imagined prestige or more perverted objectives of which we are only now being made aware.

Such an attitude of disdain towards the peoples concerns about the evil EU was on display yesterday in Parliament when the Coalition Government tried to extend earlier debate to prevent this attempt to remove usfrom the EU to proceed:

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