Sunday, October 21, 2012

Questions for Merkel, Schauble and all Germans

Following the decisions on legacy debt, insisted upon by Germany at last week's European Council Meeting of the EU's 27 Member States in Brussels:

What are the debts today of Greece, Ireland and Portugal as compared to those debts at the point of their entry into the Troika lending programmes?

I will wager that for each country they are today greater by a considerable amount than they were when each country entered their programmes, therefore:

What has been the point of all the unemployment, poverty, hunger and mass emigration the Troika imposed austerity has brought?  

Therefore thirdly and lastly:

Why has Germany again decided to crush and subjugate the entirety of Europe as the answers to the first two questions must lead one to conclude is their plan.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Martin, we always seem to come back to the scorpion and the frog - "It's in my nature".

I've never known a whole continent to be so beguiled by things that are, most probably, so apparent to a lot of us.

8:21 AM  

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