Monday, October 15, 2012

Belgium faces collapse as Belgian political practises take root in Britain

Flemish nationalist leader Bart De Wever hailed a "historic" victory in Antwerp's mayoral vote on Sunday after he and his New Flemish Alliance brought an end to 90 years of Socialist dominance in the northern port city. 

Such is the opening to the EU challenging earth tremor that shook European politics last evening, and in quite typical fashion is completely ignored as far as I can see in the British mainstream media this morning. Read the entire France24 report from here.

Belgium under King Leopold II, became notorious for vicious, cruel and exploitative colonialism in the Congo, more recently as chief home for the anti-democratic EU it is known for all that is rotten with that institution, much of which has yet to see the light of day.

Rwanda, a former Belgian colony, is however today also spreading its pall into British politics in both Downing Street and Chipping Norton, see the Daily Express report from here, from which comes this quote:

Project Umubano sends Tory volunteers on two-week stints during the summer to help survivors of the 1994 genocide.

They coach local organisations how to bid for aid money and work directly with schools.

One former volunteer was Justine Greening, the new International Development Secretary who must now decide whether aid should continue to Rwanda.

Christopher Shale, who was chairman of Mr Cameron’s Tory constituency association in Oxfordshire, was a founding volunteer.

Odd as the newspaper points out, that the presentlypressured Chief Whip, Andy Mitchell, authoriseda huge transfer to Rwanda as his last act before being replaced by Greening, odder too perhaps the suspicious death of Mr Shale in a Portaloo at Glastonbury!

This blog has long maintained that one of the worst aspects of the EU has been the adoption by our polticians of practises for which the Continent alone was once notorious, this seems a case in point!

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