Thursday, October 11, 2012

A conference season of name-calling childishness

Catalonia, a region of Spain, has considered holding a referendum on separation from the central Spanish State  because of the dire straits of (and one presumes lack of confidence between)  the economies of the two Authorities. The Spanish Government and army have declared, which threat was repeated in the European Parliament, to put any such separatist attempt down by force.

Europe is confronted by a possibility of a repetition of the ghastly Spanish Civil War played out in the 1930s as a prelude to World War II.

Britain's main poltical parties held their annual conferences against this backdrop and we were treated to a display of childish insult hurling and irrelevance normally to be only expected within a school playground of under achieving and disturbed seven year olds.

Many will no doubt have their own particular moments of stomach wrenching awfulness, perhaps based on past party loyalties, that made them personally cringe. Mine came yesterday when the shallow and vain non-entity who leads the modern Conservative Party, sought to garner new support with references to dead offspring's wheelchairs and a well-heeled but heelless Dad.

Serious debate of the policy alternatives that now confront the nation was there none. Yet Merkel was then being greeted by Swastika flags in Athens and petulantly rejecting the biggest defence industry merger of all time as she would be refused the right to host its headquarters, such is the EU to which these three political parties, for the sustainment of their own poltical power and personal wealth, have now made our nation subservient, dedemocratised and thoroughly treaty bound!

Sober, mature and considered proposals regarding the dreadful dangers now facing the nation all coming from the EU were entirely absent from any debate. It was left to TV presenters on the CNBC Squawk Box interviewing Nigel Farage of UKIP to even begin to consider the coming collapse that will inevitably attend the dismantling of the entirely corrupt EU.


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