Friday, October 05, 2012

Tax criminals as public employees and Government Ministers

Tax criminals are not scarce in Britain's taxpayer funded public services!

What has happened to any supposed morality in our country which allows such a sentence to be true and proven by a Parliamentary report as back-up, read here.

Any employee, if able, will seek to maximise his gross and net earnings. It is the political scum who are gathering at this season who have allowed such a situation to develop and it can only be those at the top of the three main parties who have had the necessary power and authority to oversee its period of operation.

Punishment of the tax avoiders and repayment of the unpaid taxes must of course be a priority, if necessary through seizure of real estate assets or pension deductions.

Punishment of the politicians must ultimately depend on representatives of the three main parties being voted from office and replaced by candidates dedicated to honest governance. Thereafter ex-Ministers motivations in such deviousness may be studied in detail together with all their private financial arrangements for possible criminality!

Co-incidentally this morning The Independent has an article on Conservative Party Chairman, Grant Shapps, which once again demonstrates our present Prime Minister's obsession with surrounding himself with low lives, read here.



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