Thursday, October 04, 2012

Cameron's substance smashed brain a clear and present danger to the Nation

I yesterday tweeted a link to an article in a Birmingham newspaper dated 14th September as it was significant to the shambles over the rail franchise shambles, itself a pointer to the glaring deficiencies across Government. That entire article on closer reading is hugely significant and revealing as to the state of the damaged thought processes of our past self-admitted substance abusing Prime Minister and is linked again from here.

Consider this direct quote of the exact words of Cameron intended for a Midlands' audience:

“We shouldn’t ignore what regional airports can provide and also Birmingham Airport post HS2 will be an interesting proposition. It certainly is included in the review.”

Thereafter bearing in mind what he said above about Birmingham Airport comes this astounding direct quote:

“I have seen what the HS1 line through Kent has done for that area. High Speed Rail can transform economies. “Lots of things have been tried in regional policy and some things have worked a bit and some things haven’t worked at all, but one thing that absolutely works is transport arteries that can get the economic blood flowing.”

Then on his personnel management philosophy during the recent Cabinet Shuffle this:
“Reshuffles are unfair. Caroline Spelman did a very good job at Defra. I think there’s a lot she can be proud of in her record. The truth is you have to move some people on in order to bring in new talent. It’s a very difficult process. I think Caroline was very understanding.” Praising Mr Mitchell, he said: “You need a really tip top whips office and I think that’s exactly what he will provide. Focus and drive and dynamism.”

Can there really be any doubt that there is something seriously amiss within the mind functioning of this man? How can HS2 benefit Birmingham Airport? Only direct International connections can do that 5solely within Government or EU gift) which in turn would make HS2 even less viable.

Moving competent people to bring on younger talent, which being in the failed Cameron Coalition will be unlikely ever to see Government again, would be a disastrous philosophy if true!

No more comment is needed regarding Chief Whip Mitchell, except that all now know what Cameron means with what would normally have been the quaint phrase "tip top"


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