Thursday, September 27, 2012

David Cameron's delusions of decency!

What could have possessed the shady and clearly dubious individual who presently occupies the post of Prime Minister of our bankrupted, EU oppressed and broken nation to present himself as a pawn for victimisation on a popular late night TV show from New York last evening?

I believe the answer must lie in  some form of complicated act of self-delusion. Inside perhaps Cameron believes the PR myth his trade and close advisors have spun around him. Yesterday also co-incided with an announcement that two of his shady side-kicks on criminal charges, Brookes and Coulson, will have their criminal trial delayed for a full year, presumably to give Cameron the chance of undeservedly earning another full year of Prime-Ministerial pension. The bad taste in the mouth over Mitchell rumbles along while Hunt's promotion in spite of major probity questions regarding his relationship with the Murdochs remain unanswered.

Amazing, is it not, that Cameron would have risked having such matters probed on US TV, let alone his possible reasoning functions having been affected by his teenage experimentations with illegal substances? He was lucky not knowing the English for Magna Carta seems the major public stain he will take away from the experience, we must hope that his Conservative Party backbenchers soon find a means to more fully expose his real nature before their party is completely destroyed.


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