Sunday, September 23, 2012

Coalition Yes - BUT in a National Government!

The UKIP Conference, read here, will be again the only one of another three such, to address the major problem facing the country and Europe.

The disaster affecting the international trading nations of the world that requires the most urgent attention is today known as the Euro Crisis. It centres around a small group of 17 European countries who seek to restrict trade and money flows in order to perpetuate an illusion of Marxist Collectivist Prosperity among their populations which has actuallyhas drowned them in debt and is now devestating any creativity they previously possessed in petty regulation and mindless conformity. It sucks in 10 more once independent nations tied by Treaty to the rotting hulk of the sinking mammoth, of which Britain is one.

Britain has a huge paucity of talent in the corrupted stagnant pond of the House of Commons from which our political leadership, constitutionally, must mostly be drawn. Given the past election result making single party rule an impossibility it is a disgrace that most ministerial experience available to the nation is now sidelined on the opposition benches.

Possibly as soon as this coming week, with the Spanish request for a bailout, the whole pack of cards is about to fall in Europe. To weather such a storm the British people deserve the best skill and experience that can be summoned from all across the Commons and Lords to confront the consequences. With luck the Obama, Geitner, Bernanke, Clinton team in the USA will continue to fend off the consequences of this disaster for a few more weeks to the other side of the US Presidential elections, such a breathing space will allow time for
fresh ministers to assume their new roles in a new UK National Government.

Watch the Lib/Dems in Brighton this week, with worse still to come from the two largest parties, can we really allow this farce to continue while the elephant in the room is ignored?

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