Monday, October 01, 2012

Decadence, debauchery and despotism triumphant.

When conspiracy and corruption enjoy a momentary advance the spirits of those fighting their progress is always certain to experience a passing feeling of sadness.

So it is with this temporary moment of triumph of Europe's golfers, who have foolishly allowed their skills and endeavours to be represented by the blue flag with twelve yellow stars that represents the ascendency of bullying ill-intent and possibly even pure evil across the entire EU in these increasingly dreadful times.

A sporting victory, particularly one in Golf, which tends to be adopted by the monied and privileged, cannot properly be adopted as entirely representative of the strivings of typical voters who have seen their democracies destroyed and parliaments neutered by the advancing tyranny, so we must forget as soon as we can that the symbol representing Europe's Popperian tyranny has for a moment appeared to triumph over that of the Stars and Stripes still representative of democracy.

The silence of Europe's media on events in the Iberian peninsular last week and into the weekend sadly appear to mark a new phase of Euope's tragic history.


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