Saturday, September 29, 2012

Floods and Gales

A week ago today I warned of the gales that generally occurr around this time of year, which duly showed up in much of the UK this past week, they also brought flooding, as is increasingly the case, presumably because of the lack of any moral compass amongst the creatures who infest the three main political parties who run our councils, regions, counties and other local and central government plus the greed driven, pension padding, so-called public servants who mindlessly follow their instructions.

In order to keep some contact with the area of my birth I sometimes watch the BBC South West local news where this week we were amazingly informed, and supposedly intended to believe, that a huge new town to be built in East Devon will add no new risk of flooding whatsoever.

What absolute scum bags are led in their parties by Cameron, Milliband and Clegg, look what they have together wrought upon Britain, with a Prime Minister who now acts as though his sole function is a form of show business.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What if the £50bn+ they are proposing to waste on HS2 was instead spent on flood defences, thus bringing security to millions and saving vast disruption, rather than knocking off just a few minutes of train-time for a tiny number of expense-funded passengers ?
Priorities, innit ?

8:51 PM  
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