Monday, October 08, 2012

ESM Board to launch this vehicle for oppression today

As German Chancellor Merkel, travels to Athens today, to witness first hand the  squalor, human misery and destruction wrought by her policies over the past several years, the ESM, another tool for Germen domination of the European Continent will be inaugaurated in Luxembourg, in accordance with her desires and instructions, as reported here by RTE the Irish Broadcaster, whose ex-country is already entirely controlled by Germany through the same agency at work in Greece, known by the already everywhere reviled tag of "the Troika".

Those who actually control Merkel and the German Constitutional Court, which also appears to have now become their puppet, remain unkown and as yet still hidden from view.

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Anonymous Budgie said...

Martin, I understand that both the EFSM and the ESM are illegal under the Lisbon treaty's modifications of the EU's TFEU and TEU? is that correct?

11:31 PM  

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