Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Renewed German assertiveness and the EADS/British Aerospace Deal

It appears the merger between British Aerospace and the Franco/German defence suppliers and plane maker EADS is set to fail.

This is good news in every possible way.

Germany has amply demonstrated in all its actions since the economic crisis broke some four years ago that its intentions are to again dominate Europe in every way that it can, apparently in a manner reminiscent of all its historic arrogance of its view of its place on our Continent - namely in sole and absolute command.

This blogger has believed this was the case for decades. Until Merkel's Athens visit of yesterday it was impossible to assert that quite so clearly and certainly.

In my view the consideration given by our political leaders of handing British Aerospace, our country's main defence equipment supplier, to control by the Germans was an act of gross negligence, complete blindness and utter incompetence.

Other than Islamic militancy the greatest threat to both the economy of our country and its security now quite clearly lies once again on the Continental mainland of Western Europe. Our country urgently needs poltical leaders who at least recognise the possibility of there one day, perhaps very soon, being truth in that fact.


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