Sunday, October 14, 2012

How can the Tories cope with the legacy of apparent paedophile and traitor Ted Heath?

In addressing all the ghastly detail of the reality behind the man that was Prime Minister Ted Heath we first need to form a view of what exactly is the Conservative Party of today. Those wishing to explore Heath the traitor here or Heath the pervert watch the mainstream press, they are getting there

What of the Tory Party of today? First we must guess at who controls it. Is it those in the Heath tradition or the patriotic Thatcher wing? Deciding which is complicated by the role of Francis Maude, who according to this report appears to be controlling the deadened brain of the dope dazed dolt that is David Cameron. (Making completely laughable the Sunday Telegraph guess that he will replace Andrew Michell as Chief Whip,)

Co-incidentally Andrew Mitchell is listed alongside Francis Maude's own father in the list of Politicians amongst Old Rugbeians, here. Angus Maude, seems most clearly to be a Thatcherite, his stint as editor of the Sydney Morning Herald, sacking by Heath over aeronautical policy, re-inforcing such a view.
In the obituary in The Independent, linked here, the following puzzling passage appears:

When he left the government in 1981 he did so very much against the wishes of the Prime Minister, but not least because he did not want to stand in the way of the burgeoning political career of his son Francis.

If father and son saw eye to eye on policy, then why would such a resignation have been necessary. Were there powerful people with something on Angus in which case where stood Francis then and where indeed today?

Angus Maude was hugely influential regarding policy of the Conservative Party, the files for his period as Deputy DG of the Conservative Political Centre are at the Bodleian Library in Oxford, see here, so even those closed could now be reviewed for clues by one with sufficient authority.

As collapse approaches, as it surely must with the obscene and sordid detail now emerging of how our nation has been completely sold down the river for forty years, as detailed by the Mail in 2003 linked here, power could shift rapidly, the Rothschild links remain strong in Downing Street witness Letwin and Osborne's positions, Maude himself may have a foot in that camp, time will tell.

Labour of course, however foul the Tories, is worse, what a crying shame that LibDems sell their soul to the EU as a prior condition for candidate selection, elsewise this hung Parliament, with some good will from backbenchers, might truly set the country aright and back towards the democracy and freedom, in which cause so many of our servicemen have died for nigh on one hundred years.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another interesting 'name-check'.

Is there a family linkage between the editor of Newsnight, Peter Rippon, who inexplicably pulled the Jimmy Savile expose and the former Tory minister and EU-phile from Traitor Heath's days, Geoffrey Rippon ?

A coincidence of name spelling, or more ? Fellow-fiddlers ?

2:41 PM  

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