Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Bright Day Dawns for Europe and the UK

It is darkest before dawn, goes the old saw, or more depressingly, as my own father once opined, a pendulum can only decline for so long, sooner or later the ascent must recommence. It would have been his birthday today, had leukemiia not claimed him in early middle age. I have missed his advice and companionship for the past almost five decades.

The EU Council meeting today will be attended by leaders aware that their EU experiment is doomed. They may not say it, but deep inside they and their closest aids must know the facts. The outright robbery of small savers being forced upon Spain by the ECB is one sign, the open split between France and Germany (long the driving forces,) is another.

In the UK the nonsense of the Scottish referendum and the nursery-class type absurdity of PM Questions yesterday, are clear signs that even our third rate elected and now presently pointless MPs cannot long continue with such childishness while still drawing their salaries and pensions.

I started my own little private crusade against the Common Market, which was always doomed to end like this, in the early nineteen nineties, soon I can desist! Oh Happy Days!

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