Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How "Europe" is stealing the savings of the poorest and stupidest in its society

If one had thought the EU stood for anything, then surely it would be to protect those least well equipped to care for themselves. My view is that this is best achieved by giving the brightest the best opportunities to utilise and profit from their individual talents. I always knew the latter was a forlorn hope but today it appears the very opposite of the former is being applied by the EU, perhaps through the ECB, on the poorest of its citizens in Spain.

The evidence of the huge operation to steal the savings and few remaining private citizen assets of the Spanish people is everywhere across the internet so may not be denied.

The ultimate culprits are the 27 Heads of State of the member states who will wine and dine together in the European Council between now and the weekend. Collectively the lowest vermin that Europe has perhaps ever produced, gathered together in one place, during most of our lifetimes.

Here is the proof from a report by Reuters, published yesterday, and linked here, from which the following quote is the most pertinent passage:

Many of the banks which issued these products swapped them for shares and bonds. The main state-owned banks such as NGB did not. NGB has apologized and some banks have offered compensation for the worst cases. But now the banks are negotiating with Europe for capital as part of an international bailout, the terms of which will include inflicting a loss on people who in many cases handed over their life-savings.

Note how the term "Europe" has here been used to describe the odious EU, ECB and Euro Group collectively, the three structures which have presently sunk beneath that which should normally be attainable by any functioning moral human being!

Europe, all of us, are here accused of arm-twisting small Spanish savers to convert their savings into bank preference shares, not just in the apparently criminally run Bankia, but also in State owned banks such as NGB,  then Europe (ie all of us collectively,) is compelling such state banks, who so far lacked the balls (or had sufficient conscience to refrain from such theft) to steal that money, in amounts which have to be comparatively insignicant, given the massive manipulation of trillions of Euros in the complicated con-trick EU leaders have been playing with our money for decades!

Background and proof of all this is not just available from my blog, eg here, but Reuters earlier described the dreadful confidence trick played on Spanish small savings account investors in a detailed report at the end of last July, linked here.

More on the mis-selling of bank preference shares, this time from Canada, also of last July is linked here.

So what are the unprincipled, despicable and desperate scumbags who will sit around the table at the European Council in the next few days going to do to stop these obscene practises; all being undertaken in the names of all we Europeans, merely to breathe a few more moments of life into the sick and ever doomed project that is EMU, better signified by its now deeply sickening emblem - the euro currency.

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