Friday, October 19, 2012

The EU Split in Pictures

Before the EU Council meeting of the 27 member states, laughingly referred to as a summit by the MSM, the various factions met and posed for pictures, diplaying for all to see that the term "Union" is about as far from reality as any description is possible to get.

From an article in EUObserver the "ECR" Group

The Socialists seemed to be an even more forlorn group of non-entities as presented in a photo issued by the Elyssé Palace which I tweeted yesterday:

: Photo de famille du Président de la République avec les membres du à Bruxelles ” See Socialists

The once powerful EPP Group met in Bucharest, Merkel lacking Sarkozy was probably at a complete loss, I have been unable to find an image of that meeting to chortle over.

Is the EU breaking up, look for yourself and see what more nonsense unfolds today to follow behind this kind of rubbish, linked here, from which comes this garbage:

European Council conclusions on completing EMU1
Adopted on 18 October 2012
1. In the light of the fundamental challenges facing it, the Economic and Monetary Union needs
to be strengthened to ensure economic and social welfare as well as stability and sustained

How can a known to be collapsing and perhaps shortest lived currency union of all time possibly be expected, in the face of almost certain disintegration, to deliver - economic and social welfare, let alone propserity even if transitory, let alone sustainably?


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