Thursday, October 25, 2012

The BBC & the crisis in the eurozone from June 2004

In researching past posts on the BBC I got engaged by my blog Ironies from June 2004 yesterday, here are two quotes from 23rd and 22nd June on those dangerous, degraded and thoroughly shabby organisations:

Eurozone Crisis

The crisis in the Eurozone is of course a regular topic on this blog. It is crucial to the development of the withdrawal debate within the UK. Many British politicians blithely assume the UK discussion on our continuing within the EU will be against a background of the clear economic benefits being on the side of remaining within the bureaucratically strangulated socialist superstate. The opposite is likely to be true.

The growth engines in the world economy now lie in the East. Britain has clear advantages over our European COMPETITORS. Both in language (in the Indian sub-continent) and historical links (bringing in China as well).

The longer we devote our energies to negotiating constitutions, trade links and new regulations with the sclerotic Euroland countries, the more opportinities we will miss in the booming orient and the more our own economy will be dragged into the mire by the clearly doomed EU.

EU Subversion of Britain's State Broadcaster

EU Subversion of Britain's State Broadcaster I am grateful to the anonymous correspondent who sent the information for this report. A question people must ask themselves; 'Am I susceptible to propaganda?' The only way you can honestly answer this question is to study both sides of the argument with an open and informed mind. The EU's de Clercq Report 1993 devised initiatives to ensure that: "...European identity must be 'ingrained in people's minds' as a 'good product' using marketing techniques and that certain social categories, particularly 'women and youth', should become 'priority target groups'. More controversially, it suggested that newscasters and reporters must themselves be targeted, they must themselves be persuaded about European that they subsequently become enthusiastic supporters of the cause." A comment on this report and its implications is available from this link to the Bruges Group from here. The above ties in with a parallel report by the Commission's Media and Culture Directorate, which showed that money has been made available for the media to promote "a more positive line towards Europe". According to the BBC Annual Report and Accounts 2002/2003 which may be read from this link to a pdf file, there are two outstanding loans from the European Investment Bank to the BBC totalling £91 million.

 Page 117. The European Investment Bank has made two loan facilities available to BBC Commercial Holdings. The first, for an amount of £66million, is available for drawing until March 2005 and must either be repaid in full as a single repayment by March 2013 or on an amortising basis by March 2015.The second, for £25million, is available for drawing until November 2003 and is repayable in one single instalment by November 2007.The interest rate applicable on both facilities is determined with reference to the European Investment Bank's own funding cost and carries no margin above this funding rate. At 31 March 2003 nothing was drawn down under either of these facilities. 

 Watch this space, and in the meantime cast your mind back to the totally pro-EU bias of nearly every BBC anchor and correspondent over recent years - not noticed by yourself perhaps, well maybe now you have read this it will become more noticeable. Still not convinced then ask yourself why any organisation would make funds available at their own cost of borrowing, it is an impossible feat that defies all known laws of economics - were it truly achievable. But it is not, rather this is a blatant propaganda subsidy and YOU are the target - more EU anybody?


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