Tuesday, October 23, 2012

David Cameron Conservative Leader rules out an EU IN/OUT Referendum

The record of the statement on the 18/19 October European Council, given by Prime Minister David Cameron to Parliament yesterday, could not be clearer, any vote for a Conservative Party candidate while Cameron still leads that party is a vote for Britain to stay forever within the EU.

Past performances by the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties essentially mean the same harsh facts are true in so far as voting for those two parties is the likely to be case in any future General Election as well.

The Hansard record is linked here.

Later today I will be posting on why Spain must now leave the EU. The same counts double for Britain too, in my view, which in a sane world would render Cameron unelectable!

Evidence of the EU's tyranny grows daily, yet  so bound and tied to that evil has Britain's government become; that they now they have even ceased to protest!

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Blogger Robert said...

It is the one thing Cameron has actually been consistant on. He has always said that he wants the UK to remain in the EU. The vote when it comes will be a vote on the settlement he will get with the EU about bringing back 'powers'after the next election. As he will not be given another term it will be up to Labour to decide.

11:20 AM  

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