Friday, October 26, 2012

Prefect Patten - The corrupted near omnipotent ruler of the EU's British Prefecture

Lord Chris Patten, Chancellor of the University of Oxford, Chancellor of the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Chairman of the BBC Trust was inteviewed on Sky News yesterday and viwers were able to see the ruination wrought upon the human frame and mind by decades of evasion and decadence.

This is the EU's man in Britain, who therefore now controls our once nation state. Don't believe me, then look at his appointed posts, for none of which does he seem qualified, and consider the following posting of mine from Ironies in June 2004 when he was actually the candidate for the Europeans People Party to takeover the European Commission; That task was eventually handed to the Marxist Manuel Barroso, who remains there to this day, while Patten continues to oversee the degradation of Britain.


The first item on the agenda has already caused deadlock at the European Council meeting it appears, read the (EUBusiness report) The Franco/German candidate has not been rubber-stamped and failed British politician, the self-publicising one-time Governor of Hong Kong (who couldn't properly perform the one important task of his tenure by handing over the colony with a stiff upper lip), is supposedly back in contention.

The same Chris Patten who many consider sold out the brave men and women of the RUC for his cushy and inadequately performed post of EU Foreign Affairs Commissioner where it appears he oversaw massive Palestinian terrorist financing by his department. Personal friend of the Maastricht Trety signing John Major, he is now (probably unsurprisingly when recalling all the foregoing) the choice of the EPP Group which is currently having a 'jolly' in Belgium and hosting its dupe Michael Howard, British Conservative Party leader (for the moment), as thanks presumably for donating many more millions of euros to the EU federalist cause over the next five years.

Seems as if Patten has all the necessary character defects to lead such a totally flawed and useless organisation as the EU Commission, bye bye any prospects of reform for another five years if Patten gets in! Bet he doesn't, though!

posted by Martin at 6/17/2004 05:38:00 PM

There were other comments on Patten's past during June which may be read in the Ironies archive file linked here. On 30th June, two on 24th June and on Marie Aznar vs Patten on 18th June, and Barroso's appointment touching upon Patten's Brussels badge of office, a gravy stained tie while a Commissioner on 23rd June which concluded as follows:

I fear Oxford University, already suffering in the academic ratings is unlikely to see its reputation enhanced by this choice of Chancellor.

Quite clearly enhancing the reputation of the ancient and venerable institution the University of Oxford once was,  is what the EU was intent upon, was it?  No indeed!  As we can see from its vapid product now in Downing Street, the name of the game is control by whatever means come to hand, apparently not even stopping at the utter degradation of our ex-nation's childeren!


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