Saturday, November 03, 2012

Was Europe Minister MacShane's criminal mindset a job prerequisite?

Former Minister for Europe for the Labour Party is now being investigated by the police for possible criminal charges. Evidence already laid against him which has led to his suspension and resignation from Parliament seems sufficient to send ordinary members of the public to jail.

A more interesting aspect of this everyday story of greedy politicians engaging in day to day fraud and deception is what connection might exist between the necessity for any Minister for Europe in a UK Government to be up to his neck in deception, distortion and who knows what else and his day to day theft over an extended period?

While Minister for Europe, at what became the FCO propaganda office for the EU during MacShane's tenure, he received a letter detailing the lies and trickery dated 19th March 2005, from Anne Palmer, it may be read in full from the archives of Ironies, linked here. I quote its concluding paragraphs:

The EU will disintegrate, whether before the EU constitution is ratified or not remains to be seen, but it will end in terrible bitter conflict. The fault will fall on all those that did not dare to spell out the true meaning of the requirement for a European Constitution.
 While we are busy reducing our forces, the army, navy etc, and while we are eagerly following all EU Regulation re competition, etc, other Countries are not. While we are disarming and reducing our forces, others have conscription and rearming quite strongly. To me it is déjà vu, the 1930’s all over again. All of our Members of Parliament, will have to decide soon, do they want to govern this Country, to actually earn the money the people pay them, or do they want to go down in history as the government that has given this Country away and continue to have laws and an alien constitution foisted upon us, which nothing we can say or do can alter or block them. Or, do we obey our own Constitutional laws we have had in this Country for hundreds of years, even though we have had to fight to keep them rather than be ruled by others in the past, and which we are duty bound to fight to protect and keep. The myths you speak of Sir, are your own, especially ”The Constitutional Treaty is not only a simplification of the existing forest of interlocking Treaties, but encapsulates many of these British themes”. As Minister for Europe, you appear to have forgotten the meaning of a “True Brit”, that is your loss sir, not mine. My solemn oath of allegiance remains to the Crown and this country for all time coming. Yours faithfully,
 Anne Palmer

The chaos that is now unfolding across Europe is partly down to MacShane and all the others like him. That is his and their greater crime. The above letter and the entire archives of my blogs and earlier writings, along with the superb arguments tirelessly presented by Anne Palmer and others like her down the decades, hopefully will eventually serve to prove that these despicable political criminal classes knew exactly what they were about!

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