Sunday, November 04, 2012

Typical EU Bullshit on the EU Budget

France 24 is presently broadcasting in English, "Talking Europe", a load of rubbish from a French MEP, the head of the European Parliament's budget committee. It will no doubt be repeated and eventually be available on that station's website. I urge my readers to view it. A fine example of the garbage disseminated is this response to a question posed regarding possible winners and losers between those wishing a freeze (a cut of course was not mentioned,) and those seeking increases in that budget, was that all of Europe would be the winner as the result would be a compromise and as such everybody wins.

Can one really continue living and breathing and simultaneously have to hear such crap? One day the ability to suppress anger when hearing such nonsense will surely become too great! Later the same guest describes the future of the "brainwashing" (blog editor's description) Erasmus programme and extols the wonders of a baby born in Scotland to parents from Spain and France. Such unions have been underway since prehistory, but this highly paid, pensioned and subsidised moron credits the EU and its "tiny" budget for such unions.

Ten years ago I contributed a long post about Europe not having to become divided without the EU, in response to a query from a German gentleman called Fran on a forum run by the FT (well before it openly demonstrated the closeness of its parent group's views  Pearson with the German group Bertalsman, as it did last week). I will paste those three pages on this blog later today or tomorrow, it is even more valid today!

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