Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Former EU Commission President Prodi foretells "Grave Difficulties" for Britain

There is a wide-randing interview with the Italian politician, Romano Prodi, (whose own legacy to his own country incudes the present EU appointed PM,) in the pro-EU online website EurActiv, linked here.

The main section of the report on Cameron and Britain is quoted below:

"I do understand Cameron because his country is different from others. It is coherent with the Cameron doctrine that they do not want to take more part in the budget," Prodi said, noting the importance of the financial industry for Britain. "But they will become less powerful and someday they will be in grave difficulties," Prodi predicted;

 'Cameron will not stop Europe. He will simply get out of the room' 

Speaking of Cameron, the former Commission President warned: "He will not stop Europe. He will simply get out of the room in which decisions are being made." Since Britain's veto on the EU's fiscal treaty in December last year, senior EU and politicians now seem to accept that Britain should be left to cuts ties from the rest of the continent.

Turning to Greece and grave difficulties already in hand, a two day general strike starts in that ground-down and mortally wounded country today, as its villainous political class seems set to further strangle its citizens to gain a few more months of being able to collect their own danegeld!

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