Friday, November 16, 2012

81.8% of voters in Manchester Central twig the TREASON

Our elected politicians, in many cases aided and abetted by publicly paid officials and civil servants, have sold out our country and its democracy.

That is the message of low turnouts in yesterday's vote practically everywhere!

There is no longer any point in people voting


Blogger Andy Halsall said...

There is no longer any point in voting? I'd say the reverse is true, right now if you vote in an election where there is 20% turnout, its like casting 5 votes in one with 100% turnout... If someone can galvanise a group of 10k people, they have a chance at winning an election, because even the big parties can only get 10k people out to the polls.

The turnout here is an indicator of a huge problem, but that problem is one of apathy and antipathy not an indication that votes don't count.

Look at the choice people had in this election, look at the result, it seems clear to me that essentially the large parties managed to get most of their core members to vote, whilst the smaller parties had difficulty in getting anyone out at all.. It's quite simple really, anyone could win in seats where 80% of the people don't vote if they can get any proportion of that 80% to vote for them instead of staying at home...

TL;DR - Vote... It's well worth it when turnouts are so low, even better, help someone you like to get more people to vote and vote for them.

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