Sunday, November 11, 2012

Busted BBC - We are all only a few mouse clicks from FACTS

Entwistle has gone as DG but toadlike Patten remains. The BBC has become fat, lazy and shoddy like the Chair of its Trust, because it knows it is already surplus to requirements.

The truth on any story is available to us all most simply from our home laptop computers, very often on the web pages with back-up links as supplied by Wikipedia. Here are a few examples to set you off on your own search for the hidden secrets of our joint past and present reality.

Despatches from Turtle Island with host of links to explore myths of various specialities
Civilisation spread across the Mediterranean from West to East: Link
Pytheas the explorer
I Galigo Creation Myth from Indonesia

Poor old Entwistle, forced out for showing all the qualities for which he was picked for the post; but just quite too obviously. Poor old BBC Newsnight team, taught to bend, twist and manipulate facts to fit the very odd BBC view of the world, night after night, AND in the face of all the evidence to the contrary, now villified for following their masters' presumed desires just too dishonestly!

Academics have prospered by following the examples of their teachers and propagating lies from one generation to another for generations. Now the internet proves, for all who care to seek it, that in many areas the truth is otherwise! Is this why generations of new university entrants have their brains and enquiring instincts deadened by a rampant and encouraged drink and drugs culture, in order one supposes that they can lead their lives in dumb servitude as we see all across the media and further evidenced by the rampant incompetence and ineptitude at virtually every level of public administration.

Want the truth then go online, soon they will probably try to shut it down. Stop paying your BBC licence fee if you want to hope for a return to truth in broadcasting. Get the facts on the filth that are our political class, there is much of it there, however hard they struggle to keep it hidden!

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