Monday, November 12, 2012

Incompetence across society

A Commons committee of maggot MPs will today look at multinational company transfer pricing.

What a waste of time and misunderstanding of the workings of the world. I was heavily involved in transfer pricing in  bringing crude oil into Europe during the sixties and seventies.

The Companies task is to maximise profits to shareholders. The tax authorities of all countries have the task of maximising their revenues. At the interchange in Britain now lies HMRC under the treasury. If revenues have not been maximised the fault lies with incompetence or corruption by those within or by those who control HMRC. Eventually responsibility lies with Parliament themselves, those same oaths who will be asking the questions today.

The Companies are the only ones who appear to have been doing their jobs properly, they will be laughing up their sleeves at these simpletons all day today. Just as they seem to have been doing for years.

Our universities turn out dick heads, its beyond time the voters noticed!

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