Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Defrauding of Britain's taxpayers by Luxembourg & Holland

The active involvement of Britain in the massive financial confidence trick that is the existing European Union was effectively brought to a close yesterday afternoon in the Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House in Westminster at a meeting of the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee. Read here. (The absence of full and proper reporting by the British press is perhaps an indication that the authorities are aware of the gravity of this situation).

Almost concurrently news of a claim for back taxes from France against such companies also became available and the massive manipulation of the gas market on which this blog has been posting under a general heading of "Bacton Interconnector" also hit the newswires.

It is astounding that the Coalition Government's Treasury Team has not been investigating and called a halt to the scams revealed by the PAC yesterday. These would mostly have been instituted under successive Labour Treasury teams under Brown and Blair. For a start from yesterday we have proof that Luxembourg and Holland have been effectively defrauding Britain's taxpayers, most likely with the knowledge of British ministers! How can George Osborne, supposedly desperate for every penny of tax revenue, have long ignored this deceit?

The rip off of British taxpayers by energy giants in Germany and France will eventually also have to be put under the spotlight, if our present weak government has the courage to remove us from the web of lies and deceit that have bankrupted our nation during the past 40 years.

Investigation of the influence of perverts in the higher reaches of government should also now be expedited, for if blackmail can indeed be proven as a tool used to obtain our membership of the original Common Market, this could affect the size of the amounts of damages which we should now seek! Hence the BBC and North Wales matters are not the total distraction from this grave matter of treason and corruption that they might initially appear.

Was Ed Balls sudden removal from last evenings debate in the House of Commons perhaps an early  signal that the Labour Party is becoming aware of the hideousness of the crimes they perpetrated against our nation under Blair and Brown, with Balls presumed full knowledge and the perhaps active participation of all their Treasury teams?

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