Friday, November 23, 2012

MFF meeting likely to resume next Spring

EU leaders met well into last night discussing how they will spend billions and billions of Euros which they are never likely to gather. They resume at noon today and could continue this totally pointless exercise even in to the weekend, although most commentators believe a resumption next spring is most likely.

Of course austerity is the rule across Europe but the penny that money will not continue to flow to the bloated and corrupt EU as economic times get ever harder has not seemed to yet have occurred to the blinkered dumbshits who occupy the EU corridors of power.

It all seems a bit like the BBC where some 600 managers receive private health care and almost £1.4 million was spent shedding a DG who lasted just 54 days. There is increasing anger across the country at the bias of the broadcaster and the generally appallingly low quality of the output, if my twiiter feed is representative.

Incompetence, waste, vested interests and arrogance abound, particularly evident in both the EU and the BBC this morning.

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