Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My reply to John Redwood today - EU Referendums

Martin Cole
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There is a fatal flaw to this proposal, one partly recognised and accepted by David Davis during some of his recent explanatory interviews, that of course being that none of the politicians who have guided the country into the present quagmire of the EU, are to be trusted to negotiate our way out.

An idependent negotiating team might be acceptableto the public, but would our present political class release the authority to independents who would quite clearly kill off the three main parties’ golden goose, which now quite obviously only exists to the professional politicians' benefit.

IMO Conservative MPs seeking to disentangle Britain from the quicksand of the EU, may only do so at this late stage, by biting the bullet and removing themselves from the Tories, as successfully accomplished by Roger Helmer MEP.


Blogger Robert said...

The fatal flaw is perhaps believing that the EU, or more correctly the other 26 members who would have to agree to all UK exemptions, would actually allow us to have this EU 'a la carte'. I suspect the response to such a request would be something like foxtrot oscar.

This would leave us with the status quo or the door.

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