Thursday, December 06, 2012

Scots' independence should apply to England too!

The Scotsman has a headline this morning, article linked here, informing the lucky Scots,  who are already to be given a vote on escaping from the control of the incompetents at Westminster, that should they opt so to do they will, at a stroke, be free from the endemic corruption and waste of the EU in Brussels as well.

There seems to me to be an error in logic, if not in law, in the European Commission's view reportedly conveyed to the House of Lords, for it implies that the remaining territories of the UK would not gain a similar right to leave, or no longer be considered as a part of the EU. Presume for the sake of example a territory that could be split in equal halves, how can the EU be equipped to decide, following such a split, which half stays under the Brussels oppression and which half is freed?

It seems to me that a strong case can be made in logic, if not indeed in international law, that the splitting territory should decide which resulting new territorial portion accepts the onus of remaining within the EU and thereby assuming all the mind-blowing debts and obligations which by then will be involved!

This Commission opinion points to the necessity for the entire UK to get a say in any referendum on Scots' secession. Withdrawal from the EU is not an issue that can be left hanging during the independence referendum process. Certainly not for England, where there is now a clear popular majority for us to leave the EU, which yesterday's Autumn Statement makes clear can only grow at a rapid pace as it daily gets clearer we cannot afford to continue to pay to finance the obscene waste that remaining within this Eratz Union involves! 

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