Friday, December 21, 2012

Britain's relations with the EU following Brixit

The EUCO yesterday issued a report on its relations with what remains of EFTA, the once British led group of free trading sovereign nations that unsuccessfully fought to fight back the corporatism, restrictive trading and coercive arm-twisting practices of the entity that has today become the EU, as so fittingly illustrated by this picture available on Twitter last evening.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office under William Hague should be preparing the strategy for our once-again independent and sovereign nation after we are free of the restraints of the EU. Rejoining EFTA, should be one option presuming we would be invited and welcomed.

In this blog's view bruised feelings on the Continent would be likely to last for some considerable time, and that diplomatic efforts on EU relations during that early period would be largely wasted, not least as other national exits would almost certainly follow.

Britain's most prosperous periods of history were those when our foreign policy acted as though Europe barely existed, but was an unhappily placed lump of land, with often fractious inhabitants, making a long circumnavigation to our markets a necessity. Thus we broke free of the ties, burdens and wars resulting from our flirtations with the Hanseatic League, freed by the bravery and exploits of the first Elizabethan Merchant Adventurers. 

Such is the spirit we need today, EFTA can wait!

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