Monday, December 17, 2012

EU Lies - Was Samuel Champlain a fake or A.N. Other?

On my posting last Saturday I likened events in France today to those around the time of the siege of La Rochelle 1627/28.

Earlier this year there had been some internet debate in France as to whether Samuel Champlain, great explorer of Nouvelle France, might in fact have been born in La Rochelle rather than Brouage, as originally understood and widely believed. Furthermore, some suggestions have been made that his real name was Chapileau meaning perhaps "little hat". Some discussion in French is here

Certainly there was much manipulation of history around that period; as I have been discovering during many years of research into the ancestry of Samuel Georges, a La Rochelle protestant ship owner of that era. Detailed background of the history in English is here.

We must question all history and learn to separate fact from legend, not least even over events of our own lifetime, as they unfold and move towards their inevitable conclusion.

The deliberate lies of all the present leaders of Europe are driving us to economic destitution for no possible nor conceivable reward.

Only when we the people of Europe face the horrible facts behind what the EU has become will we be able to assemble a framework to free us from its grotesque distortions.

Thankfully in the UK with the intervention of Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, that process now seems to be getting under way! 

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