Thursday, January 03, 2013

Governance - Checks, Balances and Guns

There has been a surge of gun and ammunition buying reported across the USA following the harrowing shootings in Connecticut before Christmas.

The US Constitution provides checks and balances upon the executive branch of government of which we Europeans can, in the main, only be intensely jealous. But are such checks and balances presently functioning as intended? 

Negotiations over the fiscal cliff and the short term compromise that resulted would indicate that they are not, at the least, working as the founding fathers may have intended! That in any event seems to me the common presumption? But note, I have ended that last sentence with a question mark.

The US disputes partly result from there having been no outright party winner in recent elections. The surging gun sales seem mainly driven by a fear that restrictions on future sales could be on the way, perhaps by executive order. 

In my mind the fact that the USA was founded by immigrants, mostly fleeing European tyranny or poverty, accounts for much of the differences in attitudes regarding guns with many Europeans, who one presumes are often the descendants and beneficiaries of the tyrants from whom American citizens' forebears once fled! 

As socialism's failure becomes daily more evident across Europe, fear of our fellow humanity might also grow, especially as the framers of the EU have used every trick in the book to avoid any checks and balances in the construct of their elitist, greed driven and constitutionally fatally flawed EU.

More food for thought in considering Britain's next steps!


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