Friday, January 04, 2013

Portuguese President's Plight vs Barroso's Bullying Barbarism

The President of Portugal, Aníbal Cavaco Silva, has a problem, read here. His country is under threat from outside forces, its longest standing historical ally against such attacks, Great Britain, is now aligned with his nation's enemies. 

Worse still, a ringleader, rabble rouser and self-appointed spokesperson for those intent on starving his countrymen into submission to sovereign castration and long-term economic foreign servitude, is a fellow Portuguese citizen and mainstream political leader, (former?) Maoist and revolutionary,  José Manuel Barroso, who has been in the country's capital of Lisbon issuing dire threats, read here.

The President's problem is that the country is hopelessly in hock to the EU, entirely as a result of having fallen into the beautifully baited trap of the Euro. A budget has been passed for this year so grotesque in its implications that chaos will surely result. It has been referred to the nation's Constitutional Court for a ruling on its legality.

Speaking in Lisbon, the appointed President of the EU Commission, issued the following threat to the 27 member states of the EU:

"Power is currently shifting not only between states but also over and above those states.

"The internationalisation of the financial sector, for example, shows that only supranational regulation through the European Union can restore real decision-making power to European citizens. The key is to exchange formal sovereignty for real influence."

Can William Hague, at the Foreign Office in London, and David Cameron in Downing Street, allow this gauntlet, thus threateningly thrown down, to pass unremarked as they have done up to this very minute!

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